Josefina Learns a Lesson (A School Story)

Series: American Girls Collection Series: Josefina #2

by Valerie Tripp, 57 pages

Item Number: 3207

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Product Description:

When Tia Dolores returns to the Montoyas' ranch, Josefina is delighted. But soon after she arrives, a flash flood kills hundreds of the family's sheep. Tia Dolores suggests that the Montoyas could recover from this terrible loss by starting a weaving business - something Mama never would have done. But Papa likes the idea, and Josefina learns to weave. Then Tia Dolores decides to teach the girls how to read. Mama didn't read, but Josefina is excited to learn. Then she begins to worry. Will all these changes make the girls forget Mama? The answer to Josefina's question comes in an unexpected way - and teaches her an important lesson about love.

For ages 7 to 10.

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