Josefina's Surprise (A Christmas Story)

Series: American Girls Collection Series: Josefina #3

by Valerie Tripp, 63 pages

Item Number: 3208

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Product Description:

Josefina hopes her family will have a happy Christmas, even though she knows they will miss Mama. When they discover that the treasured Christmas altar cloth Mama embroidered has been badly damaged, she and her sisters are heartbroken. Josefina's hopes for a happy Christmas fade, but Tia Dolores finds a way to help the sisters' hearts begin to mend. Then, on the nine nights before Christmas, the whole village gathers to celebrate the beautiful Christmas tradition called Las Posadas. Surrounded by her friends and neighbors, Josefina finds that memories can bring comfort and courage. Christmas Eve is filled with love - and surprises that make Josefina's heart sing.

For ages 7 to 10.

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