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How Did We Find Out About Microwaves?

by Isaac Asimov, 41 pages
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"An excellent summary of how scientists gradually made discoveries about microwaves and how this knowledge has been used in many different ways. Asimov begins by clearly describing Isaac Newton's early experiments with light. He goes on to tell how others found in what respect Newton's ideas had been correct and incorrect. These discoveries through the centuries eventually led to such inventions as radar, sonar, and microwave ovens. Asimov concludes with a fairly lengthy discussion of how space scientists have used microwaves to explore our solar system, distant galaxies, and the origins of the universe. As with other books in this series, the information is presented in a concise and fast-paced manner, yet the book is always readable, and gives young people a clear understanding of how scientific discoveries are built upon the discoveries that proceeded them. Finally, this book is useful because not a great amount has been written about microwaves in other books." - Todd Morning, Schaumburg Township Public Library, IL.

For ages 8 to 12 and older readers.

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