Horrible Harry and the Dragon War

by Suzy Kline, 23 pages

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Product Description:

"When Harry and his friend Song Lee disagree over a dragon assignment, their falling out affects the whole third-grade class. He insists dragons are frightening and mean, while she believes them to be friendly and lucky. A third classmate finds information that proves they are both right: dragons are fearsome in Western traditions and gentle in Eastern traditions. Harry apologizes and makes a peace offering, which Song Lee accepts.

This story carries some important messages. For one, it shows that best friends can have differences of opinion, yet both can be right. Additionally, it points out the importance of respecting the beliefs of others. And, finally, it proves that friendships can be broken by name-calling, yet repaired with a sincere gesture of apology. With its likable characters, escalating tension, and pacing, Dragon War will hold the interest of young readers while deepening their understanding of themselves and others." - Laurie von Mehren, School Library Journal.

For ages 7 to 9.

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