Hidden Under the Ground (The World Beneath Your Feet)

by Peter Kent, 35 pages

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Product Description:

"Have you ever wondered what lies under those manhole covers in the street or been tempted to follow a rabbit to its home underground? Have you ever visited a cave or stood in an underground tomb? In this book, you can explore the many worlds under our feet, from the tombs of ancient Egypt to the silos of modern missiles." - Peter Kent.

Come visit the exciting world beneath our feet, where trains run, pipes flow, and machines hum, as well as where mysterious creatures are thought to have dwelled. Follow people throughout the ages as they navigate underground caverns, excavate ancient tombs, build elaborate cable systems - and much more. With new objects and creatures to find on every fact-filled page, and plenty of sidebars containing fascinating bits of information, this book will delight any young reader who has ever wondered about the mysteries of our world - hidden under the ground.

For ages 8 to 12.

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