Grumpy Pumpkins

Series: Pee Wee Scouts Series #5

by Judy Delton, 43 pages

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Product Description:

Halloween is here. Parties, costumes, pumpkins. The Pee Wee Scouts listen to Mrs. Peters, their troop leader, tell them all about the holiday plans. First, a trip to Mr. Riley's pumpkin farm. Next, carving the pumpkins with a safe tool. Then, the big Halloween party!

Molly Duff is so excited about the fun and the food and games that the Pee Wees will play. She even plans her own special good deed. But when Mrs. Peters tells the Pee Wees where the Halloween party will be, Molly almost cries. "Oh, no! Not there." Bad news for Molly means grumpy pumpkins everywhere.

For ages 6 to 8.

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