Go Jump in the Pool!

by Gordon Korman, 203 pages

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Those turkeys at York Academy think they're really something with their hotshot swimming team and Olympic pool! So what if York Academy is better at athletics - Macdonald Hall is superior academically. But if Bruno and Boots don't do something about it - and fast - Boots' father and a bunch of the other fathers are going to send their sons to York! The Fish says a pool is out of the question - the hall just doesn't have the money.

Clearly, Bruno and Boots have to do some fancy fund-razing. As usual, there's one haphazard scheme after another - all failures. Enter financial wizard Wexford-Smyth III and lots of luck! Will Bruno and Boots save their beloved school's reputation? Or is this really the end of all the fun?

For ages 9 to 12.

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(From the Gordon Korman Books for Middle-Schoolers shelf.)