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Flat Stanley

by Jeff Brown, 23 pages
Item Number: 4053

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Stanley Lambchop is just a normal, healthy boy. True, there was that business about the bulletin board falling on him. But boys will have accidents, and Stanley is just like any other boy, even if he is only half an inch thick.

A handicap? Don't be silly! Convenient? Most certainly. Why, Stanley's father never worries about losing him in crowds; he just rolls Stanley up and carries him under his arm. And economical! How about the time his parents mailed him to California to spend his holiday there?

Does he have fun? Well, which is more fun--flying a kite or being one?

What's that you say? Can a flat boy make a significant contribution to society? Now look--that's the climax. You'd better read the book. It's uplifting ... and side-splitting!

For ages 6 to 9.

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