Felicity Saves the Day (A Summer Story)

Series: American Girls Collection Series: Felicity #5

by Valerie Tripp, 51 pages

Item Number: 3204

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Product Description:

Summer on Grandfather's plantation next to the York River is heaven for Felicity. She can be out of doors all day long - riding horses with Grandfather, playing with Nan and William, and exploring the woods, the fields, and the river's shore. One day Felicity finds a secret note. It is from Ben, her father's apprentice, and it is a cry for help. Ben has broken his apprenticeship agreement with Mr. Merriman and has run away to join George Washington's army. Felicity plunges into a dangerous adventure when she goes to help Ben. She must use all the strength, courage, and wisdom she has to try to save the day.

For ages 7 to 10.

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