Everything on a Waffle

by Polly Horvath, 157 pages

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Product Description:

Haven't you ever just known something deep in your heart without reason? Primrose Squarp simply knows her parents did not perish at sea during a terrible storm, but try convincing the other residents of Coal Harbor on that score. For all practical purposes, at least for the time being, Primrose is an orphan, and there's no great clamoring of prospective adopters.

After realizing the impracticality of continuing to pay Miss Perfidy an hourly wage to baby-sit her, the town council is able to locate a relative, Uncle Jack, who reluctantly takes Primrose into his care. But true sanctuary can always be found at a restaurant called The Girl in the Swing, where everything - including lasagna - is served on a waffle.

For ages 12 and up.

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(From the Teen Real-Life Stories shelf.)