Ellie and the Bunheads

by Sally Warner, 239 pages

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About my feet, let me just announce that they're way too big. They look like clown feet, and pink satin toe shoes don't help. Advance self-improvement: start saving now for when I finally stop dancing. Maybe then I can get a foot transplant operation.

Ellie Lane may worry about every single part of her body, but she's probably the best bunhead--ballet dancer--in Ms. Hawkins's ballet class. She's slender, she's graceful, and everyone knows she's sure to make it into the prestigious Philadelphia Dance Theater when she turns thirteen.

Everyone, that is, except Ellie.

She thinks she loves to dance, but if it means giving up parties and boyfriends and having to eat her mother's fat-free lasagna every night, she's got to make sure that this is what she really wants to do.

Returning to the familiar territory of her two previous books, Dog Years and Some Friend, Sally Warner reveals the many sides of a dancer, a daughter, a teenager, and a friend.

For ages 10 to 14.

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(From the Middle-School Real-Life Stories shelf.)