Death Strike

Series: Left Behind--The Kids #8

by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, 121 pages

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"Could it possibly get any more exciting than the action in Busted! (Book seven in the Left Behind--The Kids series)? Well, hold onto your Bibles: Vicki's made it out of the detention center because she's been adopted by a foster family ... none other than Pastor Bruce himself. And the Young Trib Force, still committed to spreading the truth about the Rapture and the rise of the antichrist (a.k.a. U.N. Secretary-General Nicolae Carpathia), adds its newest member, Chaya, a young Jewish evangelist. And you'll think things can't get any crazier after Judd's daring graduation speech - broadcast live on CNN, no less - but think again: one of the main characters slips into a coma, and the fate of that beloved Trib Force fighter remains unclear until after the nukes(!) stop dropping." - Paul Hughes,

For ages 10 to 14.

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