Buried in Ice (The Mystery of a Lost Arctic Expedition)

by Owen Beattie and John Geiger, 85 pages

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It was a quest that lured men to their graves. For centuries, explorers had dreamed of finding a ship route to the riches of Asia across the ice-choked seas above North America. Again and again ships would sail for the Arctic - only to be trapped for long, dark months in a world of soaring ice mountains and eerie lights.

In the spring of 1845, it seemed as if nothing could stop Sir John Franklin's lavishly-equipped expedition from finding the Northwest Passage. Crowds cheered and waved as the two ships sailed from England. But not one of Franklin's men would ever return home alive.

Clues to the mysterious disappearance of Sir John Franklin and his men had been slowly pieced together over the years. Now anthropologist Owen Beattie thinks he knows why things went so terribly wrong on that doomed expedition. But he needs evidence to prove his theory. Beneath the permafrost of Beechey Island lie the bodies of three of Franklin's sailors. Can they help him solve the mystery of why two ships and one-hundred-and-twenty-nine men vanished into the icy blackness at the top of the world?

For ages 9 to 12.

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