Braille Sudoku Puzzles

Book Containing 100 Sudoku Puzzles with Solutions

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Product Features

Braille book Contains 100 Sudoku Puzzles with Solutions.
Gives brief introduction to Sudoku and an overview of how to solve each puzzle.
Offers completely-solved solutions for all 100 puzzles.
Blind players need a Braille Sudoku Board with this book; sold separately.
Inexpensive, portable and fun.

Product Description:

The perfect companion to our wooden Braille Sudoku Set, this small, sleek braille volume will keep you puzzling for an awfully long time. Wire-bound and measuring just 11-1/2" by 7", this book of braille Sudoku puzzles starts the player off with a brief introduction to Sudoku and an overview of how to solve each puzzle. Then one-hundred puzzles are presented (fifty easy, thirty medium, and twenty hard) for you to copy onto your playing board and begin working on. But don't worry; we never leave you in the lurch - completely-solved solutions for all of the puzzles are presented at the back of the book - for you to check your work against (or to allow you to cheat now and then!).

Remember, for blind folks solving a Sudoku puzzle, they will need a Braille Sudoku Board in addition to this book, which is sold separately. Our Braille Sudoku Set is an inexpensive, portable solution for puzzle-solving for years to come!

Package Weight: about 14.8 ounces.

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