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We have a wide selection of Braille T-shirts, hoodies, and hats - at fair prices! They all sport raised Braille, a printed message, and a full-color photo.

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- Braille T-Shirt, Adult
Full-Color Designs with Raised Print and Braille
Item Number: 1326
Available Designs: Alphabet, Best Friend, Ready to Roll, Rock on!, Always Late, Just for Kicks, Explore Your World, USA, Canada, or Braille Superstore (for $9.95)
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- Braille T-Shirt, Youth
Full-Color Designs with Raised Print and Braille
Item Number: 1327
Available Designs: Alphabet, I Love Braille, Cool Cat, Wild Ride, Star of the Sea, or King of the Jungle
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- Braille Sweatshirt, Adult
Stay Cozy and Warm While Enjoying Braille Artwork
Item Number: 1328
Available Designs: Stick Around (for $29.95), or Reach for the Stars (for $24.95)
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- Braille Hoodie, Adult
Highest-Grade Sweater - With Braille on the Front
Item Number: 1329
Available Designs: Touch of Genius, or Can You Read This
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- Braille Hat
Wear Braille Up High - For Everyone to See
Item Number: 1330
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- Love Jewelry Box
Gorgeous Wooden Box With Love Brailled on the Lid
Item Number: 1331
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