Braille Alarm Clock

Lift the Lid to Touch the Time - Noiselessly
Item Number: 1026

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Include package of Four AA batteries for $1.25?

Time Setting

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If you like, we can set the time on your new watch to the timezone of your choice. This service costs $5.00.

Time Setting:

Product Features

  • One daily alarm.
  • Sturdy, portable, reasonable, plastic, square Quartz alarm clock.
  • Just lift the lid and feel hands and tactile markings for time.
  • Set time by moving minute hand clockwise around the analog clockface.
  • Spin small wheel on back of clock to set the beeping alarm.
  • Toggle alarm on or off; simple to use.
  • Uses 1 AA battery (included).
  • Package Weight: about 2.8 ounces.

Product Description

If you'd like to be able to "look" at the time quietly - without waking anyone else up - you'll like this idea! Here's a sturdy, portable Braille alarm clock at a fantastic price! When you lift the lid, a blind person can actually touch the hands to find out where they're pointing. Naturally, each hour on the face of the clock is marked with one large dot, except for 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, which have two dots - and 12 o'clock, which has three dots. And by simply spinning the small wheel on the back of the clock, you can set the beeping alarm to go off whenever you wish.

Using this clock is anything but rocket science - in fact, it's simplicity in the extreme. There are no buttons to memorize and learn, and no setup modes to fiddle with. Just flip open the lid to either look at or feel the time. Set the time by gently moving the minute hand clockwise around the clockface until the hour and minute hands indicate the correct time. The only controls found on the entire clock are on the back - and these consist of only one knob (which is spun to move the alarm hand), and one switch (which toggles the alarm on or off).

As you might have guessed, this timepiece really should be called a Tactile Alarm Clock, because it doesn't use actual Braille numbers to mark each hour. So, even if you don't know how to read Braille, you'll still be able to tell the time on this plastic, square Quartz alarm clock! (Uses one AA battery - which is included free.)

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