Bell Tennis Ball, Three-Pack

Three Ordinary Tennis Balls - With a Bell In Each
Item Number: 1187

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Product Features

  • Color: Lime Green.
  • Sturdy tennis balls with metal bells inside.
  • Same size, weight, and texture as regular tennis balls.
  • Follow the jingling sound while you hit, throw, or roll the ball.
  • Even play fetch with your blind dog.
  • Can of three standard-sized tennis balls.
  • Each ball measures 2.6" in diameter.
  • Made of rubber with suede coating.
  • Measures about 2-1/2 in in diameter.
  • Package Weight: about 9.6 ounces.

Product Description

At long last, here are tennis balls that you can play with - whether you can see or not. These lime-green, sturdy balls are the same size, weight, and texture as regular tennis balls - the only difference is ... you guessed it ... we inserted a couple of noisy, jingling balls inside each one during the manufacturing process. And yes, these balls do still bounce like ordinary tennis balls.

The result? You can hit, throw, or roll a ball around, and all the while it's moving, it makes a distinctive noise that's easy to audibly follow. These balls are great for kids to roll around and play with, and, of course, are a lot of fun to hold a real tennis match with. We've even heard of a few enterprising folks purchasing these noisy tennis balls for their blind dogs to use while playing Fetch!

If one (or even a couple) of these balls rolls under a couch or gets lost in the long grass, don't despair! Remember: this container includes three Bell Tennis Balls, all for one low price! Each ball measures 2.6 inches in diameter and is made of rubber with a suede coating.

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