Bell Tennis Ball, Three-Pack

Three Ordinary Tennis Balls - With a Bell In Each
Item Number: 1187

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Product Features

  • Sturdy; same size, weight, and texture as regular tennis balls.
  • Follow the jingling sound while you hit, throw, or roll the ball.
  • Even play fetch with your blind dog.
  • Package Weight: about 10.5 ounces.

Product Description

Yes; at long last, here are tennis balls that you can play with - whether you can see or not. These extremely sturdy balls are the same size, weight, and texture as regular tennis balls - the only difference is ... you guessed it ... we inserted a couple of noisy, jingling balls inside each one during the manufacturing process.

The result? You can hit, throw, or roll a ball around, and all the while it's moving, it makes a distinctive noise that's easy to audibly follow. These balls are great for kids to roll around and play with, and, of course, are a lot of fun to hold a real tennis match with. We've even heard of a few enterprising folks purchasing these noisy tennis balls for their blind dogs to use while playing Fetch!

Oh yes, if one (or even a couple) of these balls rolls under a couch or gets lost in the long grass, don't despair! Remember: this container includes three Bell Tennis Balls, all for one low price!

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