America the Beautiful

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America is beautiful because its land and people are so varied ... fifty proud states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico ... each with its own history and heroes, landforms, and life-style. And now each has its own story told, its people profiled, its greatness celebrated, in one of the fifty-two volumes comprising America the Beautiful.

The material covered corresponds to social studies curricula for grades 5 through 8. However, with their crisp, clear writing, and wealth of factual material (logically organized to invite easy reference), these books are completely suitable for students from grade 4 through high school.

In every book of America the Beautiful, the engagingly written text covers the geography, history, government, economy, arts, and recreation of the state, concluding with an exciting "tour" of significant sights. Then comes the remarkably complete reference section, usually over thirty pages and designed in a way that allows students to find easily the information they are looking for.

The reference section includes:
--Facts at a Glance, including key statistics on all aspects of the state, conveniently arranged by subject;
--Important Dates, an outline chronology of the state's history;
--Important People, dozens of profiles of the state's leading historical and contemporary men and women in politics, commerce and industry, the arts and other areas.

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