Wikki Stix

Create all Sorts of Raised Crafts and Drawings

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Each pack of Wikki Stix has 48 cords - eight inches long. And they're available in primary or neon colors. Which would you prefer?
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Product Features

Create tactile drawings, diagrams, illustrations and maps.
Features long, thin strips that cling to paper perfectly, yet can be endlessly rearranged.
Offers creative hands-on fun alone or with other materials.
Clean and easy to use: no preparation, no mess.
Each pack contains 48 strips 8" long.
Creative, fun, educational; great for blind and sighted persons of all ages.

Product Description:

Every kid should have some of these - they're magic for young and old alike. Wikki Stix are long, skinny strips that cling to paper perfectly, yet can be rearranged as often as you wish. They provide creative hands-on fun alone or with other materials. They will not pull apart, but cut easily with scissors. They're clean and easy to use - no preparation, no mess. Clean up is just a quick wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel.

The ways you can use Wikki Stix are only limited by your imagination. Blind kids can now create tactile drawings - and entire art projects. Parents will produce raised diagrams of anything and everything. Teachers use Wikki Stix to demonstrate the shapes of print letters or illustrations from textbooks. Orientation & Mobility instructors make tactile maps out of them. ...

Here's why Wikki Stix are our most popular toy idea:
More creative than a craft
More fun than a toy
Great teaching tool
Stimulate creativity and imagination
Safe, non-toxic and endlessly reusable
Stick to each other and almost any smooth surface with just fingertip pressure
Great for 3-D activities
Easy to change and reposition
Appeal equally to boys and girls
Ideal for ages 3 and up
No right or wrong way to play!

Measures about 5-1/2 in. by 8 in.

Package Weight: about 2.8 ounces.

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