Replacement Chess Men, Classic (Tactile)

Spair, Complete set of Men for Classic Chess Set

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Product Features

Spare set of men for chess.
Dot on top of white pieces.
Each piece can be uniquely identified by touch.

Product Description:

There's really only one thing that can spoil a perfectly-good game of Chess, and that's finding out you're missing a couple of the playing pieces. It always happens once you've got the board all set up and, unless you like playing against yourself, you usually have someone waiting while you hunt around for a nail to take the place of your queen (yes, we've all been there)! And unless you're a world-class Chess-master, simply playing without one of your rooks is a pretty bad option. So, instead of guarding your new Chess set like a hawk every time someone pulls it out, why don't you just grab a replacement pack of men. That way, if one or two go missing, you'll have a spair set just waiting in the wings to take their place!

Package Weight: about 3.2 ounces.

(From the Board Games shelf.)

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