Nine Men's Morris (Tactile)

Ancient Strategy Game - Try to Make Lines of Three

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Product Features

A challenging ancient strategy game.
Game's theme is to make as many lines as you can.
Comes with a wooden box to store the board and men.
A dot on the white pegs makes this a great tactile game.

Product Description:

Nine Men's Morris, also called Merrelles, is one of the world's most ancient games. Your goal is to make as many lines as you can, all the while trying to prevent your opponent from doing the same. You see, whenever either player is allowed to place three of his men in a line, he has made a mill. And every time a player makes a mill, he takes one of his opponent's men. Play continues until one player is unable to move any of his men, or has only two men left. In either case, that player is unable to make a new mill, and he loses the game.

As always, our version of this classic game comes with a wooden box to store the board and men in. There's also a dot on the white pegs, so blind players will know which men belong to what team. So, if you're good at strategic games and enjoy a challenge, you'll like Nine Men's Morris as much as the Egyptians did over three thousand years ago. For ages 8 and up.

Measures about 5-1/2 in. by 5-1/2 in. by 1-1/4 in.

Package Weight: about 9.2 ounces.

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