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Full-Page Slate, A4-Size

27 Lines, 30 Cells - For European/Asian A4 Paper
Item Number: 1077

Price: $19.95 Shipping: FREE From our Distribution Center

Product Features

  • Durable, hard plastic slate.
  • Quiet, efficient, and a snap to use.
  • Line numbers Brailled down the right-hand side for easy orientation.
  • Boasts slots for embossing 9 mm and 12 mm labeling tape.
  • Braille page after page with this innovative, full-page, A4-size slate.
  • Comes with a durable Classic Stylus.
  • Package Weight: about 11.6 ounces.

Product Description

Well, we certainly wouldn't want to leave anyone out now, would we? So, to that end, here's just the size of slate you'll want to get if it'll be used in Europe, Asia, or whereever else you'd like to emboss Braille on a full sheet of A4-sized paper.

This durable plastic slate writes 27 lines (30 cells per line), and has line numbers Brailled down the right hand side for easy orientation. Yes, it does have slots for embossing 9 mm and 12 mm labeling tape. So, no matter where you live or what size of paper you use, we've got a full-sized slate to take care of all your Brailling needs!

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