Braille Paper, A4-Size

50 Sheets of Lightweight, 3-Hole Punched Paper

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Product Features

Measures 21 cm.
27") wide and 29.
7 cm.
69") long.
Lightweight (135 GSM), 50 sheets, A4-Size.
Easy to use with a slate, yet durable for Braille dot retention.
Suitable for A4 Full-Page Slate.

Product Description:

Here is a pack of 50 sheets of A4-Sized Braille Paper, perfect for use in our A4 Full-Page Slate or Read-and-Write Slate. The sheets are lightweight (135 GSM), making it easy to write with the slate but still durable for Braille dot retention. Each sheet is 21 CM (8.27 inches) wide, and 29.7 CM (11.69 inches) long.

Package Weight: about 15.9 ounces.

(From the Writing Braille shelf.)

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