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Dr. Seuss's ABC's

by Dr. Seuss
Item Number: 3002

This is a Children's Text-Braille book, which means that in addition to raised Braille, it has extra features.What is a Text-Braille Book?

This book for the blind is offered in Original or Unified English Braille.What is Original Braille?What is Unified English Braille

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Product Description

This unique Braille children's book teaches the letters of the alphabet in a fun and exciting way sure to hold any child's interest. Dr. Seuss's imaginative rhyming words, together with the corresponding raised-print and Braille letters, make this book a particularly popular one among educators and parents alike. You'll find raised-print and Braille letters at the bottom of each page as well as at the back of the book, making learning the alphabet fun for the whole family!

For ages 4 to 6.

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