Braille Mantel Piece Ornament

Large, Free-Standing, Hand-Carved Decoration

Item Number: 1325
Larger picture of our Braille Mantel Piece Ornament

Product Features

Hand-carved, free-standing wooden mantel ornaments.
All sport festive print and Braille messages.
Choose from 3 shapes and messages.
Buy all 3 and get $4.
00 off.

Product Description:

Due to the enormous popularity of our Christmas Tree ornaments, we're excited to roll out a set of free-standing ornaments for your fireplace mantel or hall table. Entirely made of wood with a festive print and Braille message

Measures about 3 in. by 3 in. by 3 in.

Which ornament would you like to grace your mantel this year?

Merry Christmas

Item Number: 1325-1

In the shape of a Bird

Price: $6.95
Shipping: FREE

Season's Greetings

Item Number: 1325-2

Shaped like an Elf

Price: $6.95
Shipping: FREE

Let there be Light

Item Number: 1325-3

In the shape of a Candle

Price: $6.95
Shipping: FREE

Entire Set

Item Number: 1325-4

Can't decide which ornament you like best? Think all three make a nice set? Pick them all up today, and we'll give you four dollars off. It's our Christmas gift to you!

Price: $16.95
Shipping: FREE

(From the Braille Novelties shelf.)

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