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Swell Touch Paper

For Tactile Graphics Machines, Makes Raised Images
Item Number: 1272

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Product Features

  • Used by schools to create raised-line diagrams and drawings for students.
  • For tactile graphics machines made by Zychem, PIAF and Reprotronics.
  • Box contains 100 sheets measuring 11-1/2" X 11".
  • Measures about 11-1/2 in by 11 in.
  • Package Weight: about 3.5 ounces.

Product Description

Schools, universities and agencies for the blind frequently utilize this specially-formulated paper to produce raised diagrams for their students. Simply print or draw with black/dark lines, then insert the page into your heat processor to have the lines swell up so they can be touched.

Our Swell Touch Paper (also known as swell paper, capsule paper, microcapsule paper or flexi paper) is the finest available. It is designed exclusively for use with Tactile Graphics machines made by Zychem, PIAF and Reprotronics. (Remember: if you don't have a tactile graphics machine on-hand, you won't be able to use this paper to create raised-line diagrams.)

Each box contains 100 sheets, measuring 11-1/2" X 11".

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