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Large Box of Fanfold Paper for Braille Printer

Item Number: 1090
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Product Features

100-pound, high-quality, low-dust paper fan folded into box.
Perfect for producing Braille in large volume.
Pin-fed tractor feed strips on both sides of page; perforated for easy separation of pages.
19-hole GBC punched sheets, ready for binding into a book.
500 sheets per box.
Available in wide or narrow.

Product Description:

For folks who do a large amount of Braille production, a Braille embosser is employed to punch out page after page. Even the basic models of embosser start at several thousand dollars, so they are generally limited to use by schools for the blind and other large organizations. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these Braille printers, However, here is a box of paper you can use to print with.

This is a large box of hundred-pound, high-quality, low-dust paper, specifically designed for use in a Braille embosser. The paper is continuous-fed, meaning sheets are fanfolded into the box in one unbroken feed. Pages are perferated for each sheet, so they can be easily separated after the job is complete. Pin-fed tractor feed strips are also present on both sides of the page, again perferated for easy removal once the paper has made its way through the embosser. Finally, each sheet is 19-hole GBC punched, ready to be bound into a book. By now, you've probably guessed that this paper is not suitable for use by individuals who do not own a Braille printer.

Package Weight: about 16.5 pounds.

We have two sizes of Braille printer paper available. Please choose the one you want.


Item Number: 1090-1

Box of 500 sheets, each measuring 11-1/2 by 11 inches when tractor feed is removed.

Price: $37.00
Shipping: FREE


Item Number: 1090-2

Box of 500 sheets, each measuring 8-1/2 by 11 inches when tractor feed is removed.

Price: $37.00
Shipping: FREE

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