Product Directions

Directions for theTalking Thermometer Clock From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Insert batteries into your new Thermometer Clock by sliding off the battery door, located on the bottom of the unit. This done, place your new thermometer on a desk in front of you, with the speaker and display facing you.

Buttons. There is a large button on the top of the unit. This is the talk button.

There are five buttons on the front, on the right. In order from top to bottom, they are Mode, Set, Alarm, Up, and Down.

There are two switches on the back of the unit, just behind the talk button. The left one selects whether you want the temperature spoken in Celcius or Fahrenheit. The right one is a volume switch.

Normal Opperation. Press Talk to hear the current time and temperature.

Press Alarm to turn daily and weekend alarms on and off.

Setting the time. Press Mode once to enter the "Daily Alarm" set function. Press set to select Hour in the set mode. Press Up and Down to change the hour to the one you want. Press Set to change to Minute, and again use Up and Down to set the minute. Press Mode to the "Weekend Alarm," and repeat the procedure. Finally, press Mode again to set the unit's time, and follow the above instructions. Press Mode one more time to return to normal mode.

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