Product Directions

Directions for theTalking Desk Calculator From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Insert 2 AAA batteries into your new calculator, and place it on a table in front of you with the raised display facing you.

Buttons. The 5 key has a dot on it, making the numbers easy to find.
Zero is at the bottom-left of the number keypad. Point is to the right of Zero, with Equals next to that.
Basic functions are along the right. From bottom to top, they are Plus, Minus, Times, and Divided By.
Advanced functions are on the left. From bottom to top, they are All-clear, Clear, Percent, and Repeat.
Memory functions are along the top, above the numbers. From left to right, they are Memory-plus, Memory-minus, Memory-recall, and Memory-clear.
The clock buttons are down the left. From top to bottom, they are Time, Date (which does not talk), Am-Pm toggle, and Alarm On-Off.
Three switches are located at the top of the unit. From left to right, they are Voice, Volume, and Set.
Set Voice to the right to enable the speech.
Directly below the Set switch is the Mode button.

Calculating. To have answers read in single-digits (3-1-2) press Mode until a single beep is heard. To have answers announced in whole numbers (three-hundred-twelve) press Mode until two beeps are heard.

Setting the time. Press Time, then Memory-minus. Calculator announces "Time Set." Enter the time, for example 1232 with the numbers. Press AM-PM toggle to select either AM or PM. Press Memory-clear to save.

Setting the Alarm. Press Time, then Memory-recall. Calculator announces "Alarm set." Enter the alarm time, for example 0700, and press AM-PM Toggle to select AM or PM. Press Memory-clear to save. Flick the Set switch to the right. Press any of the sixteen right-hand buttons to select the alarm song of your choice. Flick the Set switch back to the Left and press Alarm to turn it on or off.

Happy calculating ... and time-telling!

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