Return Policy

Received an item that doesn't work, or that you don't like? Please read our Return Policy to answer all your questions.

What we do. Here at the Braille Superstore, we have taken incredible care to show you each and every item we carry with unparalleled accuracy and detail. We take great pride in describing each item, listing what it will and won't do, displaying pictures, offering sound samples, typing out directions, and keeping our prices in line or below our competitors. We price our items fairly, expecting customers to receive exactly what they want as a result of our lengthy descriptions and supporting media for each product.

Pre-Sale support. We're here to help, so take us up on it.

1. Learn about the item. We hope you will take the time to read about and look at each item you buy in detail. If you have a question the site doesn't answer, give us a toll-free call or send us an Email. We're always glad to answer your questions. In this way, you should be able to avoid spending time and money returning an item, and save us this expense and headache as well.

2. Consider who you're giving it to. If a watch says it's for a man, don't buy it for a lady. If you don't think your elderly grandmother would be able to understand the audio sample of a clock on the website, she likely won't be able to understand the clock itself. And, if you don't know if your nephew has a particular book, please either ask him before buying it or select a different title.

3. Provide the shipping address accurately and with care. If you fail to include your apartment number, give the wrong street address, or flip the digits of your ZIP code, the package will likely not be delivered. Please contact us as soon as you notice the error, and we'll make a note on your file of the correct address. Nothing more can be done at this time; you must wait for the package to come back to us. Once that happens, we will immediately re-address the parcel and re-mail it to the new address you provided.

Damaged items. Every item we ship is first checked by our shipping department, to insure it works correctly. If an item is damaged in shipping, however, we are happy to assist you.

1. If you do happen to receive a defective product, a talking watch that does not talk for example, please notify us immediately. We will either send a replacement item out to you the same day, or request that you send it back to us for further inspection or repair.

2. In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged item, we will not offer you a refund. We deem immediate, free repair or replacement of the item as a reasonable and satisfactory solution.

3. We offer no warrantees on any of our products. In some cases, warrantees are offered by the manufacturers, in which case the documentation for same will be included with the product by its producer. If an item stops functioning after you receive it in working order, we, however, cannot be held responsible. You will notice that some companies build a warrantee cost into each item we ship. This is evident when a 20-dollar watch is sold for $30. In our continuing effort to maintain rock-bottom prices, and because we stock only quality items that rarely if ever fail, we are unable to assist you if an item breaks after you begin to use it.

Unsatisfactory items. If you have followed the above steps, received your order, and still wish to return an item, please remember these simple guidelines.

1. Keep custom products. No returns or exchanges are accepted on products produced specifically for your order. This includes all Braille books (since they are produced on-demand and in-house), greeting cards, bookmarks and magnets, and all other personalized items. We cannot restock these items, so please do not request or attempt to return them.

2. No refunds. If the item works as advertised, no refunds are provided. We spend hours every day updating product descriptions, fine-tuning photos and other media, and fielding questions about the items we carry. Our customer service is second to none, and as a result the number of folks actually wishing to return items is extremely small. We cannot give you your money back, but everyone makes mistakes. If your child just can't master the new game you bought him, or your father positively refuses to learn Braille, you may return the item for an in-store credit. Upon receipt and acceptance of the returned item, you may use your credit to purchase anything in the store with your next order. You must use up the entirety of the credit on your following order, and all returned items are subject to a 20% restocking fee. In-store credits are good for twelve months after the date of purchase.

3. Inaccurate Advertising. The only way a credit card refund will be offered is if you receive the item you ordered, and it will not do what we said it would do. First, read the write-up on the website again, to insure we said it would actually do what you thought it would. In the extremely-unlikely event that the website lists a feature not present on the item, please contact us immediately. In our eleven years of being in business, this has never happened.

4. The item must be resalable. In order to offer you an in-store credit, we need to first receive and approve the item being returned. It must be returned within 30 days of when the order was placed, be in perfect working order, have all parts included such as directions, playing pieces and case, and be contained in all original packaging. In short, the product must be in 100% resalable condition, or we can't sell it. And if we can't sell it, you can't exchange it for something else.

5. Take care of the item. We ship all delicate items in crush-proof cardboard boxes, and expect you to do the same. If we ship you a game in a cardboard box, don't send it back in an envelope. You received your new thermometer in a box, so don't wrap it in paper and return it like that. Your best bet is usually to return the item in the original box we sent it to you in.

6. Keep us informed. In the bottom-left corner of the shipping label on the outside of your box, and on all Email communications from us, you will find an Order number - something like 132514. You must reference this number when contacting us prire to sending anything back. Please let us know the reason for the return, and indicate whether or not the item is damaged. We will attach this information to your order, and keep an eye out for the box. If you don't get in touch with us, we will not know why you have returned the item and may be unable to set up your instore credit.

7. Identify the return. In order to match the returned product with this information, your order number must be present on all paperwork, including on the outside of the box on the shipping label. Again, using the original box will, in most cases, provide this information. If you fail to include this number on the shipping label, we likely will not find or process your return.

8. Mail the Box. All returns must be returned to sender, to the address noted on the shipping carton, through the United States Postal Service. Only shipments sent through the postal system can be accepted, due to delivery limitations in our area. All packages from curriors such as UPS or Fed-Ex will be refused and returned to you at your expense.

Final thoughts. Most retail and Internet stores have a return volume between 5 and 10% of all items shipped. Our return rate is less than 1%, because of the service we provide and the items we stock. We carry only high-quality products, and sell them at below-retail prices. But we need your help, because we can't do it without you. We need you to follow the simple instructions we just listed, so we're free to help everyone with queries and keep our prices fair. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.