Product Directions

Directions for theRecording Keychain From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Yes ... this cool little digital memo-recording keychain is pretty easy to use ... But here's a quick run-down on how it works anyhow.

Hold the unit so the keyring is facing away from you, with the round button facing up and the sliding switch on the left.

Now, slide the switch on the left downwards (so it's closest to you). You're now in the Record mode. When you press and hold down the round button on top of the keychain, you'll be able to record any message up to ten seconds long.

To play back your digital memo, slide the switch to the upward position--so it's as far away from you as it can get. And now tap the round button on top--and you'll soon hear your message.

And that's all you need to know. Sure is cool, eh? Happy note-taking!

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