Pressure Cooking for Everyone

by Rick Rodgers and Arlene Ward, 303 pages

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The pressure's on! These days who isn't looking to get a great meal on the table without a lot of time in the kitchen? Fast, foolproof, and extremely versatile, Pressure Cooking for Everyone is the answer for every busy cook.

Now that pressure cookers are safe and easier to use than ever before (gone are the days of spaghetti-sauce-on-the-ceiling fiascos), author and acclaimed cooking teacher Rick Rodgers is here to prove that nearly everything can be cooked better and faster under pressure. An enclosed system, pressure cooking locks in flavor and nutrients. From Hearty Lentil and Pasta Soup to Five-Spice Pork Roast, Butternut Squash Risotto, and even creamy Orange-Chocolate Marble Cheesecake (who knew?), this cookbook reveals the secrets behind dozens of succulent dishes. Chock-full of great information, Pressure Cooking for Everyone is the perfect companion to every pressure cooker.

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