Postcard Slate

8 Lines, 23 Cells - Organize Your Address Book

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Product Features

Rugged and durable, made of aluminum.
Braille 8 lines, 23 cells per line, on a regular 4" X 6" postcard.
Portable, yet still large enough to Braille a lot of important info.
Comes with a durable Classic Stylus.

Product Description:

Okay - so you're after a slate that's a bit larger, but one that'll still comfortably tuck into your pocket? Our Postcard Slate will fit the bill perfectly. This rugged aluminum slate allows you to Braille eight lines (twenty-three cells per line) on a regular 4" by 6" postcard.

Embossing Braille on this size of stationery has several key advantages: these cards are still small enough to pack around with you, yet large enough to hold an entire entry in your address book or a brief recipe. Use this slate to maintain your address book; create a file box with your favorite recipes; punch out to-do lists; make note of printed instructions on bottles, boxes and packages ... The list goes on and on.

Measures about 7 in. by 3 in.

Package Weight: about 3.5 ounces.

(From the Pocket Slates shelf.)

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