Pocket Magnifiers

Arguably the most popular type of magnifying glasses out there, pocket magnifiers afford the user quick, discreet visual help whenever it's needed. With everything from illuminated credit card magnifiers - to powerful pocket readers - to a handy dandy magnifier that'll fit right onto your keychain, this section is a must-visit for helpful tools that won't break the bank.

3 products on this shelf.

- Classic Credit Card Magnifier
Flat, Small, and Portable - Has 2X Magnification
Item Number: 1161
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- Keychain Magnifier
5X, 1D: Really Handy Model, Fits Right on Keychain
Item Number: 1163
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- Pocket Magnifier with Pouch
8X, 1.5D: Small, Convenient Size - Comes with Case
Item Number: 1166
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