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- Handheld Talking Calendar
Atomic, Feature-Rich Timepiece for Those on the Go
Item Number: 6002
$14.95 (Regularly $29.95)
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- Pyramid Talking Clock
Unique Shape with One-Button Design and Loud Voice
Item Number: 6004
$6.95 (Regularly $13.95)
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- Checkers Set, Travel (Tactile)
Compact Game, Uses Pegs with Dots and Notches
Item Number: 6030
$9.95 (Regularly $14.95)
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- Tic-Tac-Toe, Travel
Slim, Pocket-Sized Version, AKA Knots and Crosses
Item Number: 6031
$2.95 (Regularly $6.95)
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- Rattle Egg, Three-Pack
3 Small Plastic Balls, Each with a Rattler Inside
Item Number: 6045
$2.95 (Regularly $2.95)
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- Learning Time Clock
Raised-Dot Clock Face with Large, Moving Hands
Item Number: 6046
$4.95 (Regularly $6.95)
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- Braille Letter Opener
Adorible, Cat-Shaped Handle, Saying Keep in Touch
Item Number: 6052
$2.95 (Regularly $4.95)
Available Styles: Keep in Touch, or Best Friend
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- Braille Hoodie, Adult
Highest-Grade Sweater - With Braille on the Front
Item Number: 6056
$29.95 (Regularly $49.95)
Available Designs: Touch of Genius, Can You Read This, or the Entire Set (for $74.95)
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- Braille Hat
Wear Braille Up High - For Everyone to See
Item Number: 6057
$9.95 (Regularly $19.95)
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