Product Directions

Directions for theHandheld Audio Bible From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Your new pocket-sized player comes loaded with over seventy hours of pre-recorded audio. That's right, the device you now hold in your hand contains the entire Bible, narrated in the version of your choice by a real person.

First, flip the player up-side-down, with the speaker facing down and closest to you. Slide the battery compartment cover towards you to remove it. Insert 2 AA batteries, replace the cover, and turn the player back right-side-up.

Now, hold the Talking Bible with the speaker closest to you, and locate the large buttons above the speaker. You will notice that the buttons are in the shape of a sideways cross.
The far-right button is the Testament Selector key. Press this button to easily jump between the old and new testaments.
The button in the very center is Play. Press this button to start and stop listening.
The buttons directly to the left and right of Play move backward and forward through the various books.
The buttons above and below Play move forward and backward through the chapters in the current book.
You will also notice two smaller buttons on the top-left side of the player. These are the volume buttons, which you can use to set the volume at which the Bible is read to you. The top one will increase the volume, and the one below it will decrease the volume. There are six volume settings.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get started. Just Press the Play Button to turn on the device. Right away, it starts playing the chapter you were last listening to. If it doesn't, make sure the volume is turned up by pressing the Volume Up button on the side.
You can now use the five navigation buttons we talked about earlier to select the desired testament, book, and chapter. Once there, you can even hold down the Chapter forward and back buttons to skip forward or back through the current chapter - to jump right to the verse you want to hear.

We should also mention that, on the top-right side of the player, you will find the circular headphone jack. It's the standard 3-1/2-MM size, so any pair of earphones should fit here. Headphones allow you to listen to your pocket Bible without disterbing others. This is particularly handy for reading your Bible at night, or participating in group reading during a Bible study.

When you're done, just tap Play to stop listening and turn off the device.

It is our prayer that your new talking Bible will richly bless you and your family. In the words of Jesus: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15).

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