Product Directions

Directions for theFour-in-One Talking Superclock From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

The battery compartment is found on the rear of the unit, directly below the speaker. After inserting 2 AAA batteries, flip the clock over so the display screen is facing up, and the textured Talk button is facing away from you.

On the bottom of the clock, directly below the display screen, is a panel that flips up. Open this panel to expose three buttons. From left to right, they are Mode, Set, and Date.

Setting the Clock. Hold down Mode for two seconds to enter the Setting menu.

The first option under the setting menu is Chime. Press Set to turn the optional hourly-report feature on or off. Then, press Mode to move to the next option.

The next four options configure the alarm. Again, press Set to turn Vibration on or off, select your favorite alarm sound, or set the alarm hours and minutes.

The next five options set the clock itself. They are used to set the current Year, Month, Date, Hour, and Minute. Press Mode to move to the next option, then press Set until the desired selection is reached.

Press Mode again to select 12 or 24-hour time format. Press Set to change the display format.

The next press of the Mode button allows you to access the Stopwatch. Press Date to start the Count-Up Timer, and Talk to hear how much time has elapsed. Press Date to pause the Stopwatch, then Set to clear it.

The final two options operate the timer. Press Set to set the count-up timer hours and minutes, then press Date to start the timer. You can press Talk at any time to hear how much time is left. At ten seconds the clock counts down audibly to 0, then beeps until you press a button. Press Mode one last time to return to normal mode.

Normal Operation. Press Talk to hear the current time, or Date to hear the current date. Press Mode to turn the alarm on and off, or Set to hear the alarm status. If it is on, the time the alarm is set for is spoken.

Happy time telling!

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