Product Directions

Directions for theDeluxe Wilson Recorder From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Your Personal Digital Voice Recorder. The Wilson Digital Voice Recorder is a small, simple digital recorder you can use to capture spoken information quickly. Then, at your leisure, transcribe your information into print or braille.

Battery Installation. The Wilson is powered by two AAA batteries, not included. To install batteries, squeeze the belt clip at the top of the Wilson. On the back of The Wilson, underneath the open end of the belt clip, you will feel several horizontal ridges. The ridges serve as friction grips in sliding the battery compartment cover away from the body of the Wilson. Remove the cover by pulling it down. Place two AAA batteries in the battery compartment. Place the flat (negative) end of each battery against the spring in its section of the compartment. Batteries lie side-by-side facing in opposite directions. Replace the compartment cover and your Wilson recorder is ready to go! Note that when it is time to replace the batteries, The Wilson will retain any existing messages during the battery changing process.

Operating The Wilson. The face of The Wilson has three tactile areas. At the top there is a slightly rough area. This grid of holes is the combination loudspeaker/microphone. Below it are three buttons in left-to-right order. Below the buttons is a smooth visual display that flashes when The Wilson is recording.

The left button in the row of three is the RECORD button. Press and release this button to begin recording. When you release the RECORD button, you will hear a beep. This means that The Wilson is recording. If you do nothing, it will record until its memory is full. If set to Standard Play, maximum recording time is 6 hours. Long Play allows for up to 12 hours of recording time.

To stop recording, press the middle STOP/PLAY button. You will hear two quick beeps. This means that recording has stopped. Pressing STOP/PLAY a second time will play back the recording that has just been made.

If you make a series of recordings, the first press of the STOP/PLAY button will play the most recent recording. Thereafter, your recordings will play in reverse order, backing up one-by-one until you are returned to your oldest recording.

If you want to delete a recording you must use the STOP/PLAY button to begin playing the recording. While the recording is playing, press the right-most DELETE button twice rapidly until you hear two quick beeps. This tells you that the recording you were playing has been removed. The need to push the DELETE button multiple times helps ensure that recordings will not be accidentally deleted.

On the left side panel of The Wilson there is a Record Quality Selection Switch. When this switch is pulled down in the direction of the smooth visual display, The Wilson is set for Standard Play (marked SP), for 6 hours maximum recording time at a higher quality. Moving this switch upward in the direction of the speaker/microphone sets The Wilson to Long Play (marked LP), for 12 hours maximum recording time at a lower quality. Please note that unless battery power is optimum, SP mode will not work. If your Wilson refuses to record and you have tried replacing the batteries, try recording with this switch set in the LP position.

Volume Control. On The Wilson's right side panel there is a playback Volume Control just above the min USB port. When you press this control, you will hear a beep that becomes louder with each press. As you press, The Wilson will continue to the top of its volume level, then return to the lowest volume. This volume control works only for playback and has no effect on recording level.

Skip control. Directly below the volume button is the Skip button. If you quickly tap Skip, the Wilson will tell you how many messages you have recorded in a female voice. If you hold down Skip, Wilson will slowly cycle through your messages. As a new message is selected, the female voice will announce its number. When you come to the message you want to hear, release the Skip button and press Play to hear it.

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