Delicious Desserts

by Danny Faris, 81 pages

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Product Description:

Are you tired of making a fancy supper dish perfectly, then turning to the dessert and finding out you don't have all the elaborate ingredients? Are you sick of spending hours scouring books, magazines and libraries for dessert recipes that you can never seem to find? Wouldn't it be nice to have over seventy delicious, quick and exquisite dishes contained in just one book? How would you like to just open your own number one Delicious Desserts cookbook and bake the tasty dish you're really looking for?

This fantastic collection of original, hand- picked and tested recipes ranges from simple, 2-minute cold drinks such as Banana Cream Drink to complex rolling and cutting operations like animal crackers and Nanaimo bars. Of course, you will also find a wealth of middle-line, half-hour projects that bake into scrumptious desserts and snacks for later. Just a few tantalizing examples of what you'll find in this marvellous book include pumpkin pie, berry muffins, fruit cocktail cookies, butter tart squares, cinnamon sledges, ginger-bread, apple fantasy dessert, and much, much more!

The very best thing about the recipes in this book, however, is the fact that each has been carefully compared with numerous recipes for the same dessert. In this way, we were able to select the finest recipes that used the least number of ingredients, took as few steps as possible, and tasted the best!

Stop searching for that perfect dessert to serve as a finishing touch for a huge Thanksgiving meal or Christmas dinner. Every recipe that you would ever need to finish off a delicious meal with an appetizing and exquisite dessert is contained in the pages of this fabulous collection!

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