Cooking Light Superfast Suppers (Speedy Solutions for Dinner Dilemmas)

Edited by Anne C. Cain and Anne C. Chappell, 823 pages

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In a world that makes ever-increasing demands on people's time, Superfast Suppers is indeed a lifesaver. Innovative recipes with carefully calculated ingredients (never more than ten), and attenuated prep times (not longer than twenty minutes), get cooks in and out of the kitchen in record time to put delicious meals on the table.

Clever and always quick, Superfast Suppers will revolutionize your cooking with no loss of nutrition and no compromise in taste. Especially notable are the twenty recipes with less than ten minutes of prep time, the ten slow-cooker dinners and the twenty-five "Deadline Desserts" which require only fifteen minutes from beginning to "yum!". Finally, this book boasts the unique "Have It Your Way" chapter that lets everyone create their own special meal from one basic item and a plethora of toppings. Any way you slice it, Superfast Suppers is a must-have for today's families on the go.

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