Changing the Tip on a White Cane

October 19, 2015

The tip on a white cane is one of the most important parts of the mobility aid. Not only does it provide tactile feedback of the surface you are traveling on, it also produces echos which are imparative for sound clues. It must stand up to the rigers of daily use, while offering just the right weight, size, shape and style. When it becomes warn, a new one must be installed. So, whether you want to replace your old tip or try out a new one, it's important to know how to switch them safely.

Before you begin, insure you have just the right tip. For our full selection of canes and tips, check out the White Canes shelf in our web-store.

Then, follow these eight easy steps to swap out the old tip.

1. Unfold the white cane so it stands ridgid. This loosens the elastic inside the cane, making it much easier to work with.

2. Grasp the bottom section of the cane with one hand, and pull the plastic tip off with the other. Gently rotating the tip may loosen it, but it is just a press fit.

3. Pull the tip away from the cane a few inches, until the elastic is taught. This gives you the maximum amount of string to work with.

4. Wrap the portion of elastic closest to the cane around a pencil, to help hold it in place. The elastic must not be allowed to be drawn inside the cane.

5. Unhook the tip from the bottom of the elastic. Again, do not allow the elastic to be pulled into the cane, or it will be extremely difficult to repair.

6. Hook the new tip onto the elastic in the same way the old tip was attached.

7. Unwind the pencil from the base of the cane, and allow the elastic to pull the tip into place.

8. Holding the cane straight up and down, tap it firmly on the ground a few times to insure the tip is firmly seated in the bottom of the cane.

That's it, folks. Your new tip is now installed and ready for action! Happy traveling!