Braille Transcription

We turn print textbooks into Braille quickly and affordably: Braille tables, charts, graphs, exams and diagrams, all made in-house and on budget.

Transcribe Textbooks into Braille

Low-price guarantee - 10% less than any bid from a reputable company
Highest quality in the industry.
Experienced transcriptionists and graphic designers create a high quality product
Rush jobs welcome.
Textbooks, exams and notes are welcome any time throughout the year
Attention Schools, Colleges and Universities.

If you have a blind student attending classes this semester, you will likely need to have textbooks available in Braille. And, while transcribing a textbook into Braille can be an expensive process, we strive to make it as affordable as possible. Our vast experience in the Braille field, coupled with our low-price guarantee, makes us a compelling choice when the need for Braille transcription arises.

We've been brailling documents for so many years, we won't need to ask you complex questions about a process you may not be familiar with. Of course, if you have experience with Braille, you're welcome to make special requests on formatting and layout. But if you just need someone to get the job done quickly and within budget, we can do that, too.

Publishers of today's textbooks make electronic copies of their books available to students, and it's important that you secure this before we start transcription. While an electronic copy is just the beginning of the process, it does save us having to type the text from the book out, word for word.

Prices for Brailling a textbook can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the material and the number of diagrams. But if you estimate approximately $30 to $50 per print page, you'll have a rough idea of the cost involved. If that's in your budget, please contact us for a firm quote. Let's get started on making this school year educational and beneficial for your blind student!