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Directions for theBraille Chocolate Mold From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Using one of our large chocolate molds is easy. The only thing you need now is some chocolate, candy, or soap to pour into the mold. Today we'll talk about making chocolate bars, but these directions should work for lots of other types of bars too.

It's not difficult to find raw chocolate. You can get started with chocolate chips sold at your local grocery store, though they are a bit rich. A better solution is to pick up some of the bakers chocolate squares, and you can often find them at a reasonable price. But be creative. One customer picked up a cartful of half-priced Easter bunnies shortly after the holiday, and had enough chocolate for the year to come.

Perhaps the easiest way to melt the chocolate is in the microwave. Just chop the chocolate into smallish cubes, and cook in the microwave for a minute. Remove the bowl from the microwave, stir the contents well, and cook for another 30-60 seconds. Repeat the process until the chocolate is totally melted, with no chunks in the dish.

Now spoon the thick, melted chocolate into the mold, until it's level with the inner edge. Tap the mold sharply a couple of times on the table, to level out the chocolate. You can add raisins, peanuts, or whatever you desire at this point. Then toss the mold in the fridge for an hour or two.

Before you take the bar out of the mold, insure the chocolate is completely cold and hard. Then just turn the mold upside-down and pull up on the edges while pressing down on the middle. If you're using decent-quality chocolate, the bars will pop out no problem.

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