Product Directions

Directions for theBell Soccer Ball From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

The biggest challenge a blind player faces in a ball game is obvious ... knowing where the ball is. That's why our Bell Soccer Ball is so important. The ball you've just received has two large bells inside it, which make a tinkling sound whenever the ball is moving. Especially noisy when it hits the ground and rolls, the bells in this audible ball make a pleasant, easily-heard sound that everyone can follow.

All you have to do now is inflate the ball. Just use a regular pin adapter on a bike or car-tire pump. Insert it into the rubber bump on the ball, and inflate it so it's hard and is not easily squeezed. Now you're ready to play!

The largest modification you'll want to make when playing soccer with a blind player is to allow him or her to touch the ball with the hands. At least at first, this will make it easier for the player to join in fully.

The person playing goalie should also say something so the blind player knows just where the net is, when the blind player is getting ready to kick the ball. Alternatively, you can pick up a Wireless Sound Beacon from Future Aids so the goalie doesn't have to make a sound.

Blind players can act as goalie, too. A friendly notice that someone is going to kick the ball would be helpful in this situation, so the goalie knows where the ball is coming from and when.

Aside from these suggestions (which mostly amount to a bit of flexibility on the part of the other players), you're ready to have a regular game of soccer with all your friends. Have fun, and enjoy!

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