Product Directions

Directions for theBell Basketball From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Whether you want to join in with a full-blown game of basketball, or just play a less formal game like Pass or Catch, you'll find this ball to be a tremendous asset. It has two smallish bells inside, which make a pleasant, easy-to-follow tinkling sound whenever the ball is rolling or bouncing. Now everybody (blind or sighted) will always know what that old ball's up to!

To get started, you first need to inflate the ball. Just use a regular pin adapter on a bike or car-tire pump. Insert it into the rubber bump on the ball, and inflate it so it's very hard - not easily squeezed in other words.

When playing basketball, the problem of knowing where the ball is has already been solved with this audible ball. The only hoop left to jump through now is figuring out exactly where the opposing team's basket is - which can be solved in two ways. Either ask a friend to stand close to the basket and have him or her talk or make noise when it's your turn to throw, or just pick up a Wireless Sound Beacon from Future Aids to attach to the goal.

Remember: this ball isn't just good for a real live basketball game. It's lots of fun to just kick around the yard, throw back and forth, play with in the pool ... you get the idea. So go on - have a ball!

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