Product Directions

Directions for theBeeperBox From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Your new BeeperBox takes a single AA battery. On the opposite end of the rectangle from the on/off switch, you will find an indented pull-tab which you can use to slide off the compartment lid. Once the battery is inserted, simply line the flat end of the lid up with the depression on the side of the unit with the on-off switch, then press the lid into place on the other end. Now you're ready to start using the beeper!

Flicking the switch will immediately cause the box to emit four quick beeps. The unit will pause for just shy of a second, then beep again. It will beep continuously until you turn it off, or it runs out of power.

It sounds so simple, yet the possibilities are endless. Place a beeper at certain spots along a track, so blind runners can compete just like everyone else. Give the box (which weighs less than a single battery) to whoever's It during a game of tag. Place in cones for an audible obstacle course, or on other objects to aid in O&M instruction. Follow a runner, someone on horseback - even another bike. The uses for our BeeperBox are only limited by your imagination.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your new beeping device. A small Velcro or magnetic strip attached to the box will enable you to secure it almost anywhere (an elastic band or quick-tie also works nicely). Place the beeper where its sound source will be the most useful and audible, on the center of the crossbar of a soccer or hockey net for example. Finally, always carry a couple of spare batteries with you. The unit only needs one battery, but to have it run dead halfway through a camping trip is a real pain!

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