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Who We Are

Hello there, and thank you for taking time to look at our Braille, tactile, audible, and talking products for anyone who's blind or has low vision. We have hundreds of daily living aids, writing supplies, and recreational items to choose from - but before we dive into all that, we'd first like to tell you a little about our company - and the people behind it.

Future Aids: The Braille Superstore is a family-owned business, whose goal has always been to manufacture and supply adapted items for the blind at affordable prices, while not sacrificing quality or customer service in the process. We opened our doors more than ten years ago, and since then have provided tens of thousands of products to blind folks all over the world - making their lives just a bit easier.

Everyone who works here full-time is totally blind; thus we know our products intimately. Before being listed for sale, we rigorously test each new item ourselves to make sure it meets our needs. If we determine we wouldn't use it, then it stands to reason you wouldn't either - hence you won't find it in our catalog! Our wealth of knowledge of each product we offer also makes each one of us somewhat of an expert on our handy aids and appliances; so if you have a question about an item (before or after purchasing it), feel free to get in touch with us.

As with any forward-thinking company, our valued customers are our highest priority - and also our largest asset. We're big enough to handle your inquiries and purchases quickly and efficiently, yet small enough to care about your individual needs.

The shipping team at our Distribution Center on Lynn Avenue is dedicated to ensuring orders are packed and shipped professionally and on time - a responsibility they take very seriously. We're also committed to knowledgeable and friendly customer service, so the person who answers your phone call or responds to your Email has probably used the item you're enquiring about before. Quality Braille publishing, day-to-day administration and lightning-fast replies to all service and support requests are also handled right here, so questions great and small are answered without hold times or slow replies. Finally, our warehouse manager checks and stores all the stock we keep on hand to quickly fill your order, and is ready to ship boxes over to the DC for immediate shipping at the drop of a hat.

Taking great pride in our work (whatever our individual tasks may be) is a must-have component for a job at Future Aids. And so, you see, we all love the products we produce, and the customers we strive so hard to please. So go ahead, bring us your product questions, order inquiries, compliments, complaints, and whatever else ... and we'll do our level best to help you in whatever way we can.