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What would my Grandmother like?

Thanks so much for the question. We hear of this kind of thing often - and thankfully have many products to help.

We carry two types of large-print, high-contrast playing cards - the EZ See and the Marinof. You can find both on our website by clicking on Toys and Games, then Card Games and Accessaries.

Talking clocks and watches are always really important. You can find a huge selection of these by clicking on the Timekeeping category.

We also carry a large selection of Brain Teasers - wooden games she can amuse herself with if she's lonely or bored. You can find these under the Toys and Games category.

If she has other people to play games with, either the tactile dominos (under Dominoes and Dice) or the tactile Chess or Checkers set (under Board Games) could be a really good option.

Hopefully some of this is helpful.