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Top Ten Reasons to Visit Us on the Web

Naturally, we have our very own website - www.FutureAids.com - and it's one we've worked very hard on.

"Okay," you may be saying to yourself. "Who doesn't have one of those 'online thingies' these days? And with a printed catalog in-hand, why should I even bother to check yours out, anyway?"

Well, we'd like to put forth the ten most convincing arguments why it might just be worth your while to visit our humble little corner of cyberspace ...

10: Product Directions. How many times have you received a gift from someone, only to find yourself unable to figure out how to work it? We've solved this frustrating dilemma by posting concise operating instructions and usage tips for dozens of our most popular items - right on our website, for you to pull up any time you like.

9: International Presence. It's all fine and dandy to say our prices are listed in U.S. Dollars ... But what if you're outside the good ol' USA? No problem: you can choose to have product prices and dimensions displayed in the currency and unit of measure you're most familiar with. We currently support the U.S. and Canada - with more countries to follow shortly!

8: Accessibility. You may think it's obvious, but our website is really and truly 100% accessible for anyone who's blind or has low vision. It works beautifully with screen readers, screen magnification software, as well as for those with 20-20 vision.

7: Friendly and Fun. Our website isn't just a catalog with an endless list of products you can buy. Oh no, it guides you to exactly what you're looking for, with commentary like that of a real store clerk. We've incorporated just the right dose of humor, informativeness, and professionalism to make your online shopping experience easy and enjoyable!

6: Easy to Follow. Yes, it's simple to find your way around our website. It's laid out with departments and categories which are identical to those presented in our catalog. Plus, there's a powerful search feature that allows you to just key in a few words describing the product you're after, and it will pull it up for you ... Just like that!

5: More Information. In our printed catalog, we simply don't have room to tell you a lot about each product - because we have so many to choose from. But on our site, you'll enjoy detailed, multi-paragraph write-ups on every item we offer. Plus, you can listen to what all audible products sound like, and folks with sight will enjoy our full-color photographs.

4: Secure Ordering. As you'd expect, we utilize the industry-standard SSL encryption technology to guarantee your transactions with us are always safe and secure. And ordering online makes it incredibly easy to request products at any hour of the day - or night.

3: Gift-Giving. Shopping for friends and loved-ones is fully supported on our site. We're happy to take your order and mail it directly to your friend or relative's address. In other words, the shipping address does NOT have to match the one where you receive your credit card statements.

2: More Products. Yes, it's true. There are only so many items we can list in our printed catalog. On our site, you'll soon discover that we have a lot more to offer, such as Braille greeting cards for all occasions (which you can personalize to your heart's content); over 1,500 Braille books for all interests and reading levels; and numerous highly sought after talking software packages,, including Talking Typing Teacher and Talking Toolbox.

1: BrailleNews. You know, we never take it easy around here. If we're not answering customer inquiries or filling orders, chances are we're hard at work creating entirely new products. And of course, we run sales, promotions, and specials on a regular basis. So how can you keep abreast of all this and more? By subscribing to our free monthly email newsletter called BrailleNews. And you can sign up - you guessed it - on our website! (In case you don't remember how to get there, just point your web browser to www.FutureAids.com .)