Which Watch is Right for Me?

April 29, 2013

People often ask us how they choose just the right watch for their loved one.

Here are a few things to watch out for.

Band type

Elderly folks often have trouble with common buckle-type bands. Thus, those with dexterity challenges may benefit from a stretchy band. Both our Talking Calendar Watch (item 1377), as well as our Atomic Talking Watch (item 1378) come with a stretchy band that's easy to get on and off.
Myth: "Blind people need a stretchy band, because they can't see to buckle a traditional plastic or leather band." Pleeease! This is simply not true. Blind folks rapidly develop increased sensitivity in their fingers which makes tasks such as this a piece of cake. Hey, we can even do it in the dark!


Those with hearing loss often have difficulty hearing a particular pitch of sound. Check with your friend to find out whether a male or female voice is easier to hear. Pick up our Easy-Touch Talking Watch if a female voice is preferred, or the Talking Calendar Watch if a male voice is easier to make out.


If you're a no-frills kind of person, our ten-dollar Cool Talking Watch should do the trick nicely. It has a great voice and even has a crowing rooster alarm. On the other hand, if you just love wearing a watch and want the best, check out our Atomic Talking Watch. It's still nice and affordable, but has lots of great features ... including an attractive look and great sound.

That's all for now folks - stay tuned for more updates.